Square vs. Round

Square vs. Round

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Just like 3D and 5D, “square” and “round” also refer to the diamond drills themselves, and just like 3D and 5D, “square” and “round” are fairly self-explanatory. Square drills are square in shape, meaning they are able to be lined up very tightly together at exact right angles, providing for a finished product that resembles a mosaic in its closely designed nature. Round drills, on the other hand, are unable to be clustered as tightly together by virtue of their round shape. These drills are better used for paintings with a more abstract look.

Don’t let the intense terminology of the diamond painting world scare you away from this wonderful and very relaxing hobbies. Most terms are fairly easy to understand once you break them down – and we guarantee that as soon as you are more familiar with these terms, you can start throwing them around like a pro and be a diamond painting expert in no time at all.


1 Pc x Embroidered Cloth

1 Pc x Point Drill Pen

1 Pc x Gule

1 Pc x Plastic Tray

1Set x Resin Rhinestone

100% Brand New

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1. The resin rhinestone inedible, do not let children play in order to avoid accidents such as swallowing.

2. Drawing need to be kept clean, Otherwise, the adhesive strength is affected. If there is dirt adhesion can influence them with low-temperature solid iron.

3. Rhinestone to remain sticky gum tightness.